Step Families

Step families are different from biological families. Joining together two families into one is filled with complexity and lots of moving parts.  In fact, there are 67 different types of step- family combinations: mom with bio kids & single dad, widowed dad with kids & single mom, and so on.

Many couples think that their blended family will flow and function like a biological family, only with different people involved. Then, they quickly realize the interactions among the different stepfamily members are much more complicated.  Disillusionment and fear can quickly set in, and there can be a very real feeling of a lack of control that is hard to understand and accept. But wait, there is hope!

Join us for an 8 week class that is designed just for step families to learn tools and better understand the dynamics, joys, roles, and challenges of our amazing families.  Learn how to work smarter, not harder, and what realistic expectations are for blending your family together slowly. Come as you are and we’ll grow together. We’ll share frustrations, laugh together, and share the triumphs our families are experiencing.


  • If you are interested in joining our Step Family group let us know at  We are looking at kicking off a session on step family marriages in Feb/March 2021.

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