Rise Senior High

Rise Senior High Youth Ministry attempts to do two things. We help teens take ownership of their own relationship with Jesus Christ, and we help them understand how they can impact this world because of that relationship. We try to do that in an environment where everyone can feel like they belong and that they matter. We take this sacred responsibility very seriously while also being a place where we have a lot of fun together.

Youth Group is a place where teens can belong, learn about Jesus, and bring their friends. Every youth group, there is a large group activity, small group time, plenty of free time, and a Jesus-centered lesson. We teach from the Bible on topics relevant to what’s going on in their world – dating, stress, depression, partying, identity, worry, and friendships are just a few. Our hope is that at youth group, friends will be made, faith will be deepened, and fun will be had.


Act 2 is our student led worship service! The service is organized around the practices in Acts 2:42, which are a message (teaching of the apostles), group games and hang out time (fellowship), live worship music and prayer (prayer) and Communion (breaking of bread). On Act 2 nights we really seek God in relation to difficult topics and they are always powerful nights!

Throughout the year we sprinkle in some bigger events. The next one coming up is our Bob Ross Christmas Party!

Our Mission

To know Christ and make Him known
by loving God and loving people.