Adventure Zone

Where the Bible Comes to Life!

Adventure Zone (AZ) is a “Sunday School”/“Children’s Church” experience for 1st—5th graders. We take your kids on an adventure through the Bible. Each week we travel through the Bible, one story at a time. We explore sights, sounds, smells, and sometimes tastes of Biblical times.

We believe the more we use our senses the better we remember and understand.

Our leaders

Mike Proud (Adventure Zone Director)
Steve Tanner
Alex Davis helper extraordinaire
Plus a team of amazing parent volunteers!

The Bible is our curriculum. We do our best to travel chronologically through the Bible. Our goal is to give the children a sense of entire Bible history. We do this in a way that helps them remember the Bible characters. We live the story by using all or our God given senses. This sure makes learning fun.

When you pick up your child, you will be given the “This Week in Adventure Zone” and “Make It Stick” parent-resource tool. This learning tool was created to assist you in interacting with your child regarding the AZ lesson. It is designed to connect your family with the Word of God throughout the entire week. By completing the activities, signing, and having your child return it the following week, they can earn Zone Bucks.

We don’t always have snacks but if they go along with a story we try to have healthy snacks that are safe for every-one. If your child has a food allergy please let us know so we can make sure everyone is safe.

Read about our secure check-in/check-out process.

We give out Zone bucks for lots of different things, it is a great tool to help motivate kids into knowing God’s Word and living out their faith. Kids are able to earn Zone Bucks by learning memory verses, bringing a Bible, bringing their “passport”, by knowing the books of the Bible, bringing a friend, completing “This Week in AZ” or “Make it Stick”, answering questions during the lesson, or just because we caught them being a good friend. After they earn Zone Bucks they can shop in the Redemption Center where they can find all sorts of treasures.

Our Mission

To know Christ and make Him known
by loving God and loving people.