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Parent Cue

The teaching series that we do with the teens often come with a take home for you parents. We'll provide those here when available.


Some of the various forms needed throughout the year...


Our church really cares about youth ministry and we have been able to use what we feel is the very best curriculum out there for teens. It is called XP3 which is the High School curriculum of Orange. We adapt the lessons to our specific setting through the voice of our specific leaders thinking of our specific teens. If you’d like to learn more about Orange you can go here: http://thinkorange.com/

A Word about Safety

We take the trust that parents place in us with their teens very seriously. We acknowledge the legitimate concerns parents can have when it comes to the safety of their own children. Here are some policies and practices we observe in the senior high ministry to create and protect a safe environment for your kids.

Every potential leader is interviewed by Pastor Mike face to face.

Every potential leader is required to participate in our¬†safety training course called “Reducing the Risk.” This course covers everything from best practices to policy when it comes to ministry with minors.

Every potential leader is required to submit themselves to an extensive background check.

If after going through all these hurdles they are approved to become a Senior High Leader then comes our required best practices.

No adult leader is allowed to meet behind closed doors one-on-one with any teens. We require at least 2 adult leaders in any space occupied by our teens.

Occasionally a private conversation is necessary during programming, in which case a leader notifies at least one other leader, it remains brief, and they use a space that is highly visible from the outside (windows).

Leaders can meet with teens one-on-one outside of normal programming as long as it’s in an open public setting (like Taco Bell). This can be very beneficial for care and mentoring.

If at any point any parent has a concern about safety or wants to make a suggestion please do not hesitate to contact us.

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