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RISE Student Ministry

Grades 9-12



May 27th – Youth Group 6-8pm

June 3rd – ACT2 Senior Recognition Night  6-8pm

Rise Student Ministry is a place where students can come to be connected with other students their age and know that they belong, they are heard, and they are valued. We want our students to have a place where they can safely explore their faith in Jesus Christ and learn how to practice that faith – a faith that is true, a faith that matters, and a faith that leaves an impact on those around them.
April 15th, April 22nd and April 29th

Do you have any close friends? Ones you feel completely comfortable around? Friends you can talk to for hours? If so, you’re lucky. Friends like that are awesome. But chances are you have other friends too. Maybe you grew up around each other. Maybe you work at the same job or go to the same school. It’s not that you don’t like them. They’re great. You just aren’t that close.

For most of us, our relationship with God feels like it swings between those two extremes. Maybe you can remember a time, after a retreat or a church camp, when God felt super real and personal. You were BFFs. But then, somehow, things drifted in the other direction. There was distance. And, while you’re definitely not against God, you wouldn’t describe yourself as “close” anymore.

We all go through times when our relationship with God seems more “far” than “near”, but what do we do about it? Why does it feel so complicated? And is there anything we can do to keep the drift from happening? Thankfully, in His word, God makes it super clear that His desire is to be close with us. And as we journey back toward Him, we may just find Him running in our direction as well.

May 6th, May 20th and May 27th

Have you ever thought something worked one way, only to find it didn’t? Like maybe as a kid you thought the bathtub drain was a death trap. Then you learned it couldn’t actually suck you into the sewer and that was a game changer. Or maybe you were sure that the closet should be avoided because monsters lived there. Then you learned they didn’t. That changed your morning routine for sure.

Any time you learn new information, it can turn your world upside down. Jesus had a habit of doing just that with the people closest to Him. He often did or said things that were the exact opposite of what anyone expected. He’d take ideas that everyone agreed with, ideas that everyone would say, “Of course, that’s just the way it is,” and He’d flip them upside down. He would tell people to do the exact opposite of what they thought. This was especially true when Jesus talked about how we treat people, specifically people who like us, people who don’t, and people we don’t even notice.

July 29th – August 1st, 2018

Kingdom Bound 2018 is coming! Informational brochures are out there – be sure to get your hands on one! The first $40 deposit is due Wednesday, March 28th to either Scott Iachetta or Mike Rivera. If you need any details or a digital copy of the brochure, please contact Scott Iachetta at scott.iachetta@brockportfm.org



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