On April 18, 2012 a group of six men and four women traveled to Port Au Prince, Haiti to begin a ten day odyssey in the poorest nation of the western hemisphere.  Our mentor for this stunning shift in cultural awareness was Larry Judy, president of Friends of Haiti Organization (FOHO). The video on this page shows the conditions of the road between Gonaives, the city where we worked on a school, and Mapou, where we lived and worked on the mission house located there. The first voice on the video is Larry discussing his wife's preference for automatic transmission over standard when driving in Haiti. Larry died April 12, 2013 while in Haiti, faithful to God's call on his life to the very end. 

APRIL 18-28, 2012

Baggage ready for Haiti

Gonaives, Haiti, April 19, 2012

This baggage, plus backpacks and more, was just the beginning of our journey to Haiti. The footlockers, backpacks and suitcases were stuffed with our food, tools, school supplies, medical supplies and clothing.

We met at the church on April 18th at 3:00 am to load our baggage onto a bus and traveled to Buffalo to load our baggage onto an airplane that would take us to Ft. Lauderdale where we loaded our baggage onto another airplane which took us to Port Au Prince, Haiti where our baggage was unloaded and we took possession of it long enough to load our baggage onto the back of a Mitsubishi flatbed truck that took us to the FOHO (Friends Of Haiti Organization) house where we once again unloaded our baggage for the night.

The next morning we loaded our baggage back onto the Mitsubishi flatbed truck and began the four hour trip to Mapou with a caravan of three trucks traveling over roads of various quality, occasionally entering villages where people, mopeds, trucks, and bicycles intermingled precariously causing us to move cautiously toward our destination.